AWS Training

AWS Training Course

The AWS Training course offers comprehensive instruction in Amazon Web Services (AWS), covering essential topics ranging from cloud computing fundamentals to advanced AWS services. Participants will gain hands-on experience through practical exercises, enabling them to develop proficiency in setting up AWS accounts, managing compute and storage solutions, configuring networking services, and implementing databases.

  • Course Mode: Online
  • Course Duration: Flexible

Course Highlights

Introducation to AWS Cloud

AWS compute services

AWS storage solutions

AWS database services

AWS Networking and Content delivery

Skills You'll Gain


Proficiency in cloud computing concepts and AWS fundamentals


Ability to set up and configure AWS accounts


Understanding of serverless computing and container services


Hands-on experience with AWS services such as EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, and DynamoDB


Skills in managing compute, storage, networking, and database solutions on AWS


Knowledge of networking fundamentals and security groups in AWS